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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2015 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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ops changes. i drove to show support. my teachers have taught nothing but how to the love. when the archbishops actions are creating a environment of intolerance discrimination and fear for teachers and community it is our duty to support our teachers. archbishop [inaudible] used the catholic religion for haet speech. he says love and acceptance only belongs in the schools for those that are deemed worthy and that st. isn't right or just. we'll ask the arch bishal to retract the changes and ask you to support this resolution >> next speaking, please. >> my name is ana [inaudible] senior at sacred heart cathedral. i'm here as a certain student and friend and
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a deeply troubled catholic. the language the archbishop wants to include identify the action of is evil and hateful and has no place in our catholic communities. forcing teachers to sign a document is a cont rudiction of the teacher of conscious which calls on all people to reject teachings in violation including those that discriminate those in our communities yet the archbishop continues to fight for this language. our parents and teachers do not want this and most marntly we the student do not want this. we come to school to be in a safe place to learn and ask question squz explore the faith rkts we do not inxh to school to be told we are unequal in the eyes of god. should thee changes go forward, teachers will leave and parents will not longer
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trust the schools and we the student will suffer. thank you >> thank you, next speaker, please >> my name is michael curen [inaudible] as a frexman at sacred heartime rrb blessed with school wide diversity in interest, race, income and sexual orientation. i love how the the class mates and teepers feel accepted every day. after bishop [inaudible] wants to change that. i don't want to go to school that has teachers in fear for their jobs and forced to put down the student for being who they are. i love my school, please don't let the values of love and acceptance be tarnished >> thank you, nx speaker, please >> my name is rien patterson, i'm here to make a brown act in sun shine ordinance on behalf
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of my clients 1067 market street llc [inaudible] based on the amendment of file number 150087 after the close of public comment. we do have comments we would like to make and we request a opportunity to do so. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaking, please. >> good afternoon, my name is moreen hurly i'm a san francisco native and went to [inaudible] high school and usf. i have a son at archbishop readern high school and we are lurky to have the awesome teacher thaz we do. they rin fear right now for their jobs and that is beneath the dignity of san francisco, that is beneath the dignity of what san francisco is all about and i know i'm probably preaching to the choir here,
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but these young people and all the people that had to leave, there are so many people that are thank ful supervisor ferrule for stepping up and speaking up. that you can so much, please support our teachers. it is rotten job, but they do is a great job and do it out of love >> thank you, next speakers, please >> my name is michael [inaudible] i'm a long time resident of san francisco and active precisionner at [inaudible] and most-plarnty parent of a soft more at sacred heart cathedral. i must admit
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i was initially skeptical on the board of supervisors waying in orin the contsversey 56789 as one who deeply appreciates the separation of church and state. i question the appropriateness of government getting involved, but separate doesn't mean exempt from support or challenge, praise or criticism. just as the church should speak its mind in matters of the state it finds troubling it is the right and responsibility of the state to raise the flag and say enough is enough when the church, any church goes too far. the morality clause proposal put forth by archbishop cort liowny does that it crosses the line. his initiative is hurtful to me on so many levels. as a
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parent, as a resident and simply as a human being. and as a catholic it pains me to see my archdiocese choose to present cath aulicism in such a judgmental way. i feel embarrassed by the proposal laser focus on hot button issues. while it appears the archbishop was rethinking his action make no mistake about his intentionsism in the diocese own words, nothing already planned to go in is being removed or retracted or with drawn. [inaudible] >> thank you sir, your time
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is up. thank you very much. next speaker please >> my name is vlad irks mir and i'm 83 years old and homeless and wanted help from the board of supervisors and mayor lee to return me home. because i think that to keep 83 years old on the street it is the only hitler germany did it thank you. jurkss thank you very much sir. next speaker, please >> i want to cu-mind sal vudoor cort lion. good for him. a men. yes and shame on all you people. shame on you. what does the bible say? paul
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quoted leviticus in loving your neighbors. love one another for he that loves one another fulfilled the law and for this though shall not [inaudible] if there is any other command it is briefly comp hended in this, love your neighbor as yourself. love works no ill so love is fulfilling of the law. the context of the statement is leviticus 19 where it says you are full of hate if you do not rebuke your brother when you see him do any wrong. that is what it says, you are full of hate, but this is turned around by the homosexual community and those for home sexuals 180 degrees from what it means. i'm stealing rushes words, but
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words mean things. words mean things. you can't change god. he is the same yesterday today and forever. when the grace of god comes into a mans heart then he does good works if he is a adult rr he say that is wrong and repent. if he is a homosexual he says i won't be a homosexual anymore. we read in first corinthians chapter 6 of the sins of those that were not christians and we delineated them through the [inaudible] >> your time is up, sir. thank you. clearly there is a need for meantm helths services in the chamber. at this time public comment is now closed. thank you all for coming out
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today. i see a lot of proud parents in the audience. the student that came out today, thank you so much. you did a great job. at this time we will move forward. >> ilems 19-23 is considered for immediate adoption without reference. a single vote may [inaudible] >> okay. supervisor farrow >> [inaudible] >> supervisor mar >> 23 >> supervisor kim >> was there a amendment? >> i would like to sever item 22. >> on the remaining items which i think is only probably 1 item. >> 20 and 21. on items 20
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and 21. supervisor ferrule. [inaudible] >> supervisor wiener. >> 21. what item did we not sever? >> item 20 >> item 19, supervisor farrow >> thank you madam president. i want thank the people that came out to speak today for all my colleagues for cosponsors the signing with me. the topic of conversation is a rough one for a number of weeks and brings no joy to talk about it, but i continue to believe as a prathsing catholic in san francisco who was educated in orcatholic school, we have a obligation to speak up and despite the recent events i continue to be a proud catholic in san francisco. proud to be
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educated here and part of a praths catholic family. as i mentioned the last few weeks have been the most challenging of my life in the catholic church and know tonight it was a sampling of the people that feel the same way and want to thank everyone for reaching out to my office at a time when pope frances continues to give so many hope inside and outside of the catholic church. these local events have over shadows the instration we are getting from rome. i think these actions really afront the valees we have in san francisco and that we all hold dear. their content and the way they are communicated to the the community and school community and in so many ways our adherence and defense of these values define us as san francisco mpt inclusion over
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exclusion, tolerance ofern discrimination and commitment for respect for the individual makes us who we are as a city. in our catholic church has the right to insure the catholic faith is taught and up hp held in the schools. but for a pastor to deny young weapon the ability to serve as alter girms as example, as we celebrate womens history month completely discredits what young women have brought to had catholic church. this is the point we should look to include people and encourage people to be part of the community, not exclude them. i think most parntsly as weez heard from people tonight to require teachers to sign a contract and to afirm and believe many of the practices the church discouraged is evil
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crosses the line. disageeing with the teachings doesn't mean i or anyone here isn't a catholic or bad catholic, but disagrees and has a caujss that tells them otherwise. plike many people talked about i don't know what to say whether they are teachers parents or student who believe in those values as well. what do we say to the teachers that are part of the lgb community or the friends who are part of the lgb community? insuch we stand up for everyone. we stand up for the community and honor and embrace those that choose to do the same. our features play such a important role for our children and families and i want to thank members of the arch diseize and high sools that came out, even a wild cat, thank you for being out here, but the disconteent and
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uncertaintyly and confuse the stream of events caused it not only unnecessarily but avoidable and in my opinion unconsciousenable. we can not talk out of both sides of our mouth. honoring our teachers and placing restriction on employment and creating a culture of fear that has no place in our schools right now. the message is coming from pope franceing and the archdiocese cannot be more at odds in the tone and approach and this causes confusion over what the real message of the chunch is and it is what dishardens me as a catholic. it is unfortunate when there is a constant need for par tisitation in everything we need here in san francisco. we need to be galvanized and notdroid in solving our issues that face us. we continue to have violence on the streets and continue to have homeless
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issues and have so many issues that need or attention and argue and suggest need a strong catholic community. i love pope frances quote, i prefer a church which is bruised hurtding and dirty because it has been in sth streets rather than a church that is confined and cleaned from the own security. i'll say again this week, i expect as a legislator and pray as a cath lack that events are resolved in a manner similar to the resolution we are voting on today which honors the cont butions of the teachers [inaudible] my mope sh continues to be no matter what religion our faith community we
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qu move past these events. we have a long road to go, but ultimately rededicate ourselves to the mission of the chunchs and faiths and focus on being men and women for others here in the city of saint francis and colleagues i hope to have your support >> with that can we crawl roll >> item 19 and for the record item 19 is the urge >> student archdiocese of san francisco to [inaudible] on item 19 >> supervisor ferrule rkss aye. mar, ayeau. tang, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. [inaudible] breed aye. sfr visor campus. there are 11
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ayes. this resolution is adopt. >> [inaudible] problem gambling awareness month >> i called for 23 >> we are missing a member. >> different house >> i think we already approved >> no we didn't. >> we attempted to. >> same house, same call. without objection this resolution is adopted. madam clerk can you call item 21 >> resolution to support senate bill 277 repeal thg personal belief exemption for vaccines >> supervisor weern
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>> this is a resolution to put san francisco on the records supporting the elimination of the personal belief exemption forvic seens. we have one of the few states that allows anyone if they don't want their kids vaccinated. this is a significant pub public health issue. it isn't about his or her child t is about others in the community that are too young to be vaccinated or can't be vaccinated for spinge health reasons or the fact that vack seenss are not 100 percent. meseals are 95 percent effective. it is important we increase vaccination rates for measles and other diseases in
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california and i want to cu-mind senator pan for introducing sb 277 to firmly move us in that direction so and for your support >> thank you supervisor wiener. same house and same call. without ubjuckz this is adopted unanimously jrfxz rk >> item 22 is [inaudible] to consider without reference and amendment to board rule 3.31 to the extend the term of the joint set city and school district through nob nab >> supervisor kim >> i want to make a minor amendment to the motion suspended board rule 3.261. it is a typo, we have met on the
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4th thursday. >> can we take that amendment without objection? >> second by supervisor campose >> without objection the amendment pass said. on the underlying item. item number 22 can key take that same house and call >> as amendmented. >> without objection the motion is approve. item 23. >> urge the golden gate bridge board of drecktders to remove >> supervisor mar >> i move that we continue this item for one week >> okay, supervisor mar has moved to continue item number 23 to next week. seconded by supervisor campus. without objection item 23 is continued
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to next week. march 10, 2015 . madam clerk are there any other memoriams? >> and no memoriams today. >> this bringstuse the end of the ajunda. is there any business before us >> that conclude the business for today >> with that our meeting is adjourned. thank you. .
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>> a hi, i'm karen fry a project manager and sfpuc and the bureau of environmental management honestly i've not considered a public sector job i realized this was an opportunity to work on large capital projects from san francisco all the way to our hetch hetchy and
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the yosemite national park i work with engineers and city attorneys and scheduled and we all work tom nolan e together on the project. >> the excavations are in red we'll have the interference to go under the street. >> my next project is the largest project in the water system improvement program this is the southeast plan that involved a lot of kworpthsdz with the community groups and public when 9 commissioners such the planning commission and the board of supervisors or this ftc commission they help us in city hall this is a beautiful building it really is the inner workers of the building you feel you're in the heart of government and it's exciting to be part of thatyou.
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>> what do you think about working at an airport and i love it is busy all the time. >> we want it to be an those away was this is a venture if i didn't love it i'll be an accountant. >> we want the experience that is a non-airport experience the negative stigma we're trying to erase that. >> everything is in a bad food to excite them about the food
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and they have time to learn about us. >> people are imitated by traveling and the last thing to do is come to a place fill of chaos. >> telling me how the extent of napa a farms came about. >> it was a vision of the airport director he had a suspicion of a really cool gourmet speciality market locally friendly products this market local flavors this is the best. >> can we get a little tour. >> absolutely (laughter) ♪ ♪ >> so first on our tour. >> we have the clock we like to call it. >> this is coordinating it is made in san francisco. >> what about the customer
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presence. >> we like to get the permanent farther i love the cappuccino and you have to go to multiple places for the cupcakes the cup a cakes from kari's people want to live here they're longing phone call for one thing in one spot in you know anything about san francisco the cheese the most popular cheesy think a lot of the people from the west coast say so this the real san francisco sour dough and they're curious. >> you find people respond to the idea of organic and absolutely. >> this is autumn. >> thank you, thank you and there's a lot of personal touch. >> i see san francisco. >> it's very hands on. >> what's the most popular
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items. >> this is quite surprising our fresh jotting this is the chronicle special a bowl of warm oats and coconut that's mites farther. >> and speaking of drinks tell me again the cocktail scenes is that one, the things your known for . >> the cocktails are fantastic. >> really. >> fresh ingredients we don't have a mixture it to order this is our marcus bloody mayor. >> farmer's market bloody mary the bloody marys in the airport are great shikz it up.
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and then we're going to garnish it with olives. and some lime and a fresh stalk of selly. right on. >> we like is now called to order roll call please. ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton marry ms. wynns dr. murase smooth and mr. chinning. >> thank you please join me in the